Wedding Decoration Ideas


To help you plan your perfect wedding we have put together a guide of decoration ideas that you can incorporate into your theme, whether it be Hollywood glamour or a vintage tea party. Here's one bonus idea we planned to share at the end of the article but have no patience to tell you and show you these 8th wedding anniversary gifts for ladies that left us amazed. Enjoy!

Incorporate balloons


Since our childhood, balloons are associated with happy, fun and whimsical events, so consider this classic decoration on your wedding day. Choose big, elegant, opaque, round balloons, preferably ones with tassels dangling down for maximum affect. Match the tassels to your flower scheme and position the balloons floating above the tables, weighted either side of the entrance or even as props in your photos.

Other balloon decoration ideas are to show off your wedding colour palette with coordinating and contrasting coloured balloons for your bridal party to hold, or stick to one colour for a sophisticated and trendy monochrome look.

You can have your flower girl and/or ring bearer carrying a single balloon down the aisle. The balloon will also keep the child occupied and happy throughout the ceremony and remainder of the day.

A new take on bunting


Bunting may have been a little overdone over the years, but gold or silver bunting is one of the newer decoration ideas and will give your venue a bit of disco shimmer. Other ideas include pairing lace with tweed for a more vintage look.

To make a big impact you will need a lot of bunting to create a party canopy, rather than a few strands looking limp and lost.

Instead of the classic triangles, opt for some curved bunting for a pretty scalloped effect when it is all hanging close together. This will give a unique and much softer finish to your venue.

Instead of classic fabric bunting, opt for paper card and create a rougher, more feathery texture. Alternatively, choose a classic white, or a colour from your palette for a polished finish.

Paper pom poms

paper pom poms

Fill your venue with colourful paper pom poms if you do not want balloons or bunting. Easy to make or cheap to buy online, you can pick colours that fit in with your flowers and tablecloths. Other decoration ideas include adding in a few colourful paper lanterns to add more depth.

Hand-crafted table signs

A hand drawn sign will always look softer with the flowers on your table than a printed sign. Ask an artist friend if they can help you or hire an illustrator. Etsy has a number of artists that can provide you with table numbers, guest book signs and hand drawn wedding seating plans that look so much nicer than a computer print out.

Swap white for taupe tablecloths

White can look quite stark on a table, so consider decoration ideas of taupe or grey cloths to make your wedding venue look warmer and more chic, especially if your flowers have a fresh white, cream and green colour scheme. If you are going for a brightly coloured or printed cloth, stick to white flowers or pick out a colour from the cloth and match it to one of the flowers in the vases to tie your wedding decoration scheme together.

Creative Place settings


For a rustic or picnic wedding, pack up the cutlery and napkin into a decorated and tagged paper bag.

For garden or vintage weddings, use a subtle floral decor such as a sprig of your favourite herb like lavender or rosemary. For foodies, choose an herb that will bring out the flavours and aromas of your dinner or wine.

Chargers, those "plates" below your dinner plates, are available in a multitude of colour and material combinations so you can find exactly the right charger you need for your wedding whether neutral and woven or bright and traditional. Turn a traditional charger modern by painting them in your wedding colours.

You can also use your wedding place setting decoration to communicate key information, such as the menu, or to thank guests for attending.

Make a wedding family tree

Bring a bit of personal family history to your wedding day by making your own “family tree”. Fill mismatched frames with parents, grandparents and great-grandparents wedding photos and hang them up for guests to admire.

Present your cake

wedding cake

Once it is time to cut the cake, you need a bit of space. However, for your photos, you may want to add decorations to the table to add extra colour and depth. One of our ideas is to use the bridal party bouquets in vases surrounding the cake.

If your dessert table is filled with smaller cakes like cheesecakes or tarts, you can liven up the blank space around each cake with berries or ribbons that match your colour palette.

Find banners or a garland that coordinates with your theme and decorate the front of the table. Add candles around the cake too.